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Glazing Robot Hire

Glazing Robot Rental

GBJ Australias’ Glazing Robots combine superior lifting capacity and reach with a unique and compact design. With adjustable head movements our Glazing Robots are available for both indoor and outdoor use, allow you to install your window fittings in a simple and easy way. GBJ can provide the installation solutions for your project no matter what size.

By hiring our solutions you can easily reduce man-hour costs and the possibility of injury from heavy lifting without the additional outlay of purchasing expensive equipment. GBJ Australia has a long history of assisting projects to handle large, heavy glass and in turn, and reducing workplace injuries.

Available to hire, our Glazing Robots make lifting easy for every job with electric drive, user-friendly control, and durable tires to enable the Glazing Robot to drive over a variety of surfaces. With an experienced team of operators who understand the importance of time management and the use of Glazing Robots will assist you in reducing your man-hour costs for your next project. Our comprehensive range of glazing robots available for hire will assist in all your glass installation project requirements. Contact us today for our Glazing Robot hire to fulfill your needs.